Sheriff is a character from Cars who also appears in Cars Mater-National.

Role in GameEdit

He appears with Otto, as he was speeding. Lightning makes sure that Otto stays out of trouble by racing him, along with Sheriff. Sheriff later appears overhearing Lightning sending Otto to see Lizzie, saying that will keep him busy. He then later appears when Mater spots a tractor and was about to tip it, but gets interrupted by Sheriff. Mater says that he's sorry, then Sheriff says that he does not want Mater to go tractor tipping again, and then he reminds Mater of the Ghostlight, which when Mater wasn't looking, Sheriff puts the blue lantern on Mater's hook.

He was only playable in Cars: The Video Game.

Vince and the 300000 Racketeers the Video Game Edit

A playable character called "Queens, CO Sheriff" shows very large ressemblance to the Sheriff of Radiator Springs.