Rustbucket Races are events in Cars: Mater-National Championship. In the story mode, you play as Mater. It takes place in the Rustbucket Stadium.

Rustbucket Race 1 Edit

The track is a very simple peanut shape, you're up against Cletus, Zeke, Tommy Joe, Fred, and Buford.

Rustbucket Race 2 Edit

The track is a "malleable circle" with both an inside and an outside, you're up against exactly the same opponents as in race 1, but Cletus is now the slowest car, and Buford is faster than Fred.

Rustbucket Race 3 Edit

The track is "sound wave" design in the beginning, and then you head into a circle with both an interior and exterior, the two are split by a ramp you pass twice a lap, if opponents are 17 or 23 seconds behind you when you cross this point, you will slam into them and both cars will wipe out. You will go against Tommy Joe, Buford, Judd, Lewis, and Fred.

Rustbucket Race 3

Screenshot of the race

Rustbucket Race 4 Edit

This track has two sectors like race 3, one is a "double knot" where you jump over the track twice, and a "death road" that you drive on, pass a heart-shaped split, and then drive the other direction on the same road, any cars 8 to 13 seconds behind you have a chance of having a head-on collision with you and wiping you out. Opponents are Emma, Cletus, Judd, Lewis, and Fred.

Arcade Mode Edit

Unlike other event types, you can only play as either Mater or Lightning. Opponents can be Emma, Fred, Tommy Joe, Lewis, Judd, Cletus, Buford, and Zeke.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Emma appears in these events and is playable in Road Races, she can't be played as in Rustbucket Races.
  • Rustbucket Races and Waypoint Races are the only event types in the game where you are put up against non-playable characters in arcade mode.
  • When you complete all four races in story mode, you will get a sticker called the "Rust Bust".
  • You must complete the Rustbucket Races to proceed to Stadium Race 3, even though players normally beat them before they complete Stadium Race 2.