Rustbucket Grand Prix is the sixth Road Race in Cars Mater-National.


Lightning McQueen drives towards the tunnel, and where Sarge is trying see anything in it with his Night-Vision Goggles.)
Lightning McQueen: "Can you see anything with your night-vision goggles, Sarge?"
Sarge: "! Whatever's out here, it's down there."
Lightning McQueen: "Somehow I don't think it's really the Ghostlight."
(Gudmund appears racing through the tunnel. He makes a high jump over McQueen and Sarge.)
Gudmund: "Yee-hah-whoo!" (lands back on the ground and stops)
Lightning McQueen: "Are you crazy?!"
Gudmund: "I'm not crazy. I'm Gudmund."
Sarge: "You're a trespasser! That's what you are! State your purpose!"
Gudmund: "Now let's see. Rally car. Rally champagne racer, actually. From Sweden. Nice to meet you, angry sergeant."
Sarge: "Angry sergeant is right! I should have you court marshaled for reckless conduct!"
Lightning McQueen: "Sarge, I... I think he's here for the races." (to Gudmund) "Right?"
Gudmund: "Oh, my goodness! It's Lightning McQueen! You have a great track down there. A little dark, but not a problem. Would you like to join me for a race?"
Lightning McQueen: "Uh, sorry. I can't. No headlights."
Gudmund: "Afraid of the dark?"
Lightning McQueen: (chuckles) "No. Afraid of crashing." (Sarge puts his night-vision goggles on McQueen.) "Wha...?!"
Sarge: "A good soldier must always learn to adapt and improvise."
Gudmund: "Yah-hoo!" (drives away)
Lightning McQueen: (looking around with the night-vision goggles) "This is cool!" (McQueen and Sarge drive away.) "Night racing at lightning speed!"

The RaceEdit

This is a 3 lap race raced as Lightning McQueen in Ornament Valley. Your opponents are RamoneSnot RodGudmund, and Doc Hudson. If you win, you get 12 banners.


(Lightning McQueen and Gudmund are driving along the road at nighttime.)
Lightning McQueen: "Those are some pretty amazing lights you got there, Gudmund."
Gudmund: "They keep the Haunted Hick away."
Lightning McQueen: "Keeps the who away?"
Gudmund: (chuckles) "The Haunted Hick. A scary story from when I was young. A rugged beast living in the wild. Constructed with a lag and roasted metal and dragon razor-sharp heck behind him on the ground! He will wonder the deserted roads in the dark of night." (rubs his back tire against the ground) "Scrape. Scrape."
(They continue driving. Mater then comes along.)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey, Mater. Come here! I want you to meet someone."
(Mater comes close to Gudmund)
Mater: "Aaaaahhh!!!!"
Gudmund: "Aaaaahhh!!!!"
(Gudmund and Mater drive away, McQueen looked confused)


  • Although the cut-scene and end-scene take place at night, the race takes place at daytime.
  • On the PC version, the cut-scene is set at daytime, and a night vision is activated when the camera shows from Sarge's point of view and when you go into the tunnel.


  • In the end-scene, Gudmund and Mater ran away from each other. Mater's headlight stopped moving right after he ran away.

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