Paint can sprite

Story mode allows you to customize Lightning McQueen, by unlocking paint jobs and tire sets by finding them throughout the three cities.


Radiator SpringsEdit

  • In front of the road closed sign that is blocking Sarge's Compound.
  • Inside one of the old gas stations near the Glen Rio Motel.

Ornament ValleyEdit

  • In the park, behind a bushel of flowers.
  • Behind some rocks around the exit of the "Turkey" from the second Ornament Valley road race.
  • In the sand dunes not far from the Rustbucket Stadium.

Tailfin PassEdit

  • In the dead end road running alongside the road that used to be a cliffside.
  • In some bushes next to a bridge that eventually leads to a long tunnel.
  • Tucked in a corner inside the long tunnel.