Mike and Sulley's Last Laugh is a mini-game in Cars Mater-National Championships.


  • Collect laugh canisters!
  • When you do, you'll hear a giggle, and get a Laugh Point
  • Use the garage doors to move around really fast.
  • Whoever has the most Laugh Points at the end wins!

Other RulesEdit

The one who collects the most laugh canisters wins. You can't teleport from any garage door to any other door. When you go through one, you come out the other that's the same color. The colors could be red, green, or pink. You can play as either Mike or Sulley in them, but you play as Mike in the entire story mode.


Level Name Location Banners Sets of Garage Doors Colors of Garage Doors Time Limit Notes
The Sand Dunes Ornament Valley 3 1


Turkey Valley Ornament Valley 3 2 Red and Green 3:00
Main Street Radiator Springs 3 0 None 3:00 The only level without garage doors
Sarge's Playground Radiator Springs 3 1 Red 3:30
Wheel Well Tour Tailfin Pass 3 2 Red and Green 3:30
Tailfin Labyrinth Tailfin Pass 3 3 Red, Green, and Pink 4:00 The only level when your opponent goes through garage doors