Lizzie is a 1923 Ford Model T, and Radiator Springs' oldest resident. She usually forgets about things. Even though she appears slow, she has been proven to be as fast as Lightning McQueen.


Cars: The Video Game Edit

Lizzie shows Lightning her postcards at her Curio Shop, and Lightning accidentally makes 20 of them blow away, but Lizzie simpily thinks it's a blizzard. Later, Lightning returns with all of them, but Lizzie had forgot she lost them. She also appears in Tailfin Pass in Exploration Mode. She is playable only in the PlayStation Portable version of the game.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures Edit

Lizzie hosts the "Lizzie's Curo Shop" minigame, is a customer in the "Fill er' up" event, and competes against Lightning in a "Legends Race".

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Like Guido, she is now a cutscene-only character. Lizzie gives Lightning the 7 stickers he earns throughout the game. She is only playable in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance versions of the game.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Edit

Lizzie is the first car who will drive around the player's town. A picture of her also appears on some acheivement bubbles. Her and Sarge are the only two non-playable characters in the game, the developers said this was because of her age, despite past playable appearances, and that Fillmore is playable without Sarge.

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Lizzie is under consideration of being a playable character.